Standing up to get healthy

One of the core practices of the internal arts is Zhan Zhuang or ‘standing like a post’. I always remember my very first Tai Chi class with Master Chu King Hung in 1984 where we started with 15 minutes of standing practice. At that time I found it impossible to relax and simple stand quietly allowing my body to realign and soften – it was more a case of shaking legs and tension!

In our tradition standing is taught in the ‘Opening the Energy Gates of your Body’ qigong set. It is a vehicle for exploring and refining the physical alignments necessary for all of the internal arts (Tai Chi, Hsing I and BaGua) and the foundation for Taoist Outer Dissolving. The outer dissolving process provides a systematic way to work through your body releasing physical and emotional blockages and tension. This in turn allows for better circulation of body fluids (blood, lymph, synovial, cerebrospinal and interstitial) and qi leading to better health.

Standing/outer dissolving have become some of my favourite practices over the years and I’ve found gravity to be a great teacher!



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