Traditional and Modern Tai Chi

There is an excellent short article, by Chen style practitioner Bob Bacher, about an age old problem here –

As Taiji and Qigong become more popular there will inevitably be people jumping on the bandwagon offering ridiculous watered down nonsense and claiming that it’s ‘the best ancient super secret, never before revealed, thing ever’.

In reality Taiji and Qigong are wonderful life enhancing arts that contain great depth. They training pathways for these arts have been established over centuries and they work. The deeper aspects of these arts can only be perceived as if

  1. your teacher knows about them in the first place
  2. your teacher knows how to teach them!
  3. you practice regularly and correctly

If you are looking for a Taiji or Qigong class make sure you do your research so that you can be sure that the school/teacher can help you reach your goals.



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