I’m Trevor Barry. I’ve been studying Taiji and internal arts since 1984 and teaching since 1989.

Like many young people I was captivated by the Kung Fu phenomena that swept the world in the 70’s and once I graduated from University in 1981 I set about finding a school and looked at all sorts of styles – Karate, Wing Chun, Hung Gar and others. In 1983 the BBC aired the TV series ‘Way of the Warrior’ and this episode ( Way of the Warrior – Taiji, the Soft Way ) made my mind up, I wanted to find a Taiji school.

The school I found was that of Master Chu King Hung (ITCCA), In those days he was based in Drummond Street in central London. Classes were very structured with standing Qigong followed by form work, martial applications and pushing hands. Later we began to learn the straight sword.

In 1986/7 a friend of mine (Julian Abel) from Master Chu’s school arranged a weekend seminar with some guy called Bruce Frantzis and I decided to go along. I was very impressed, not only by what Bruce was teaching, but also by his style of teaching (you can read about that here – Bruce’s teaching style). Bruce carried on coming over to the UK and teaching seminars and eventually a practice group formed with Julian teaching us the Wu long form. My friend Jamie Dibdin gives a good summary of those times on his old UK website – here.

With Bruce’s permission I started teaching in London and later on in Swindon. I even managed to get a short spot in the local television news! Along the way I also helped found the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Fast forward to today and I now live in Falmouth, Maine. I moved here from England in January 2013.

Still in love with these wonderful arts, practicing and teaching.

I study with Bruce once or twice a year and regularly take lessons from Bill Ryan (who has probably been with Bruce the longest out of the senior instructors).

You can view my current certifications on the Energy Arts web site –  https://www.energyarts.com/instructors/united-states/maine-1/falmouth/trevor-barry/