I offer two kinds of personal training

  • private lessons

    Private lessons are a great way to accelerate your progress and go deeper into the specific subjects that interest you most. They are also provide an opportunity to create a tailored training program designed to meet your goals.

    Cost: $50.00 per hour for one person, $75.00 per hour for two people.

  • healing work to address specific health issues

    Taoist energy arts have long been used to deal with health problems. In the Taoist tradition disease is the result of unbalanced chi flow and Taoists have developed many ways to correct this including breathing, Qigong, meditation and Taiji exercises.

    In addition I am also a trained Well Being Sciences practitioner. You can read more about the Well Being Sciences approach here WBS web site.

    In a healing engagement we would typically spend the first session discussing your situation and designing the most appropriate treatment program for your needs, followed by some initial healing work. Subsequent sessions will focus directly on continuing the healing process.

    Cost: $100.00 per session

Please contact me if you would like to discuss either of these options.