This is the first of the 5 neigung sets in our tradition. These sets are designed to clearly teach all of the internal components that make Taiji, Hsing-I and Bagua work.

Energy Gates is made up of five parts

  1. Standing or Zhan Zhuang
    Standing enables the practitioner to develop the correct alignments to allow gravity to flow down through the body without causing tension. These alignments are carried over into all moving exercises.
  2. Outer dissolving
    The dissolving process is all about learning to feel patterns of tension within the body, emotions and chi and then release them. Dissolving is enormously beneficial for people that work in stressful environments and people that work in the healing professions.
  3. Cloud hands
    This is the first moving exercise of the Energy gates set. It teaches how to move in an integrated fashion while gently twisting soft tissues to to create spirals that move throughout the body.
  4. Three swings
    In Chinese medicine the body is split into three parts (called San Jiao in Chinese) and each of the swings is designed to energise the internal organs in one of the parts. The swings also loosen the joints and further encourage the soft tissues to release.
  5. Spine stretch
    The spine stretch begins the process of opening up the spine. It is a uniquely Taoist exercise that is developed further in each of the neigung sets.